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legendary photographer Robert Frank Photography in Tisch Library

legendary photographer Robert Frank Photography in Tisch Library

A pop-up exhibition of works by legendary photographer Robert Frank comes to Tisch Library


The work of legendary photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank is coming to Tisch Library from October 6 to November 5, in a pop-up exhibition on its way around the world.

Titled Robert Frank Books and Films: 1947-2017, and featuring selections from Frank’s entire artistic body of work, the exhibition was conceived and designed by Frank and his publisher, Gerhard Steidl. Tisch will be the only Boston-area stop for the tour, which will include 50 universities, art schools, museums, and nonprofit spaces worldwide.

“We are very excited about this unique event, and the opportunity it presents to deepen the connection between Tufts and the art and photography communities,” said Dorothy Meaney, interim Tisch Library director. “We look forward to bringing people to campus and showcasing Tisch Library.”

The exhibition will include unframed prints of Frank’s photographs, interspersed with material from his books and films, on banners that will be destroyed after the exhibition, as requested by Frank. “The exhibition is unique in that it’s specifically created for each space. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors will encounter Frank’s books and films in our lobby, hallways, café, and even a stairwell,” Meaney said.


Is this the future of photography? A 52 Megabits Photos from your pocket size Camera  

Is this the future of photography? A 52 Megabits Camera

WSJ reported about a new camera that is amazingly doing a good job with taking Multiple photos at the same time. and make a 52 Megabits photos out of the camera

Light’s pocket-size L16 replaces one big lens with 16 small ones, plus some super-smart software.  Light’s L16 was a radical design concept when it was originally introduced in October, 2015 — but the concept has become a reality, as the company is now shipping the first production units to its pre-order customers. The final design is quite similar to the concept it showed off back then, with a few minor tweaks, and, despite some setbacks, customers are probably excited to get their hands on the innovative shooter.


It sounds like shipping will be a relatively slow-moving process, as the company takes pains to note that it’s focused on quality assurance for new customers, but hopefully some early users will get their hands on the L16 very soon, and can share their impressions of the novel photographic device.


Tech Specs of L16:

  • Approx. dimensions

    6.5 in. (165mm) x 3.3 in. (84.5mm) x 0.94 in. (24.05mm)

  • Approx. weight

    15.3 oz. (435 g)

  • Chassis

    Die-cast aluminum alloy

  • Grip

    Rubberized non-slip grip with a lanyard connection

  • Screen

    5″ FHD touchscreen

  • Lenses

    16 individual modules5x28mm f/2.0, 5x70mm f/2.0, and 6x150mm f/2.4Focal lengths at full frame equivalent

  • Sensors

    16 individual 13MP sensors

  • Minimum focus

    10cm at 28mm, 40cm at 70mm, 1m at 150mm

  • Storage

    256GB USB on-the-go compatible

  • Capacity

    1000+ images

  • Effective pixels (megapixels)

    Up to 52 million+ (52+ MP)

  • Output

    File types: JPEG, DNG, LRI

  • ISO sensitivity

    ISO 100-3200

  • Shutter speed

    1/8000 to 15 sec.

  • Fastest shutter speed


  • Slowest shutter speed

    15 sec.

  • Focus

    Tap to focus Half-shutter press to focus

  • Self-timer

    3, 5, 10, 20 sec

  • Metering method

    Center-weighted Touch-weighted

  • Exposure modes

    Auto / Manual

  • Shutter Release Modes

    • Single-frame
    • Self-timer
    • 3 and 6 shot burst
    • Advanced low-light burst (coming soon!)
  • Chip set

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 + Light ASIC

  • Operating system


  • Security

    Full disk encryption

  • Connectivity

    GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth

  • Battery

    4120mAh Lithium-ion polymer

  • Flash

    Dual-tone LED (no sync port/shoe)

  • Tripod mount

    Standard 1/4″-20tpi

  • USB

    • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed
    • Type-C connector
  • Video (coming soon!)

    4K video with 28mm, 70mm or 150mm focal lengths at full frame equivalent

  • Image processing – L16

    5MP optimized for social sharing

  • Image processing – Lumen

    • Process photos
    • Adjust depth of field
    • Edit depth
    • Adjust focal plane (coming soon!)
    • Export photos for further editing
  • System requirements – Lumen

    • All systems
    • 8 GB or more of RAM (16 GB recommended)
    • 200MB of available hard-disk space (1GB recommended)
    • 64-bit processor
    • Mac: 2012 or newer (recommended)
      OS X version 10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
    • PC: 2012 or newer (recommended)
      Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or Windows 10
  • Sharing

    • Wi-Fi (on-camera browser)
    • Bluetooth to Android or Windows
    • iOS (coming soon!)
    • Direct social integration (coming soon!)

Photo of the week | Photographer : Fabrizio Caratel‎‎ 

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Best Photo of the week | Photographer : Fabrizio Caratel‎‎

Best photo of the week in Popular Photo facebook community by Fabrizio Caratel


Fabrizio Caratel ‎Popular Photo

Fabrizio Caratel ‎Popular Photo


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September 18 2017


Best Photo of the week | Photographer : Babak Fatholahi‎

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Best Photo of the week | Photographer : Babak Fatholahi

Best photo of the week in Popular Photo facebook community by Babak Fatholahi‎


Maria Babak Fatholahi Photography

Maria Babak Fatholahi Photography



September 8 



Best Photo of the week | photographer : Jessica Napolitano‎ | Popular Photo facebook group

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