Some basics for Photography for interior spaces

Photography Basics for Interior Decor

Are you into interior decoration and would like to be able to showcase what you’re photographing on the likes of Instagram, or maybe even your own blog? Well, these tips will provide you with a good grounding in doing so.


Choosing the Right Perspective


Before you begin taking photographs of your business space, determine the impression you are trying to capture in your photos. Do you want to show how welcoming your office’s entrance is? Do you want to showcase the panoramic views of your office? After you have determined the impression you want to capture, it will be easier to determine the best angle to photograph your office. Take the time to walk around your office and look for the best angle to achieve your goal.




Lighting is Crucial


When you are shooting indoors, it can be tricky to find the best type of lighting for your photography. The time of day and the type of lights used can greatly affect the outcome of your photos. Determine the mood you are trying to set. Do you want a serious tone or would you rather the photos look romantic? Romantic shots should be completed in the evening, while high energy shots should be done in the day time when you can open the blinds and allow the sunlight to brighten the space. It is important to remember that you want to balance the light and avoid over-lit or under-lit areas in your photo. You may need to add a couple of lamps or close the blind to balance the lighting and get the shot you want.


Wide Angle Shots


Do you want to capture your entire office without it being filled with equipment? Try out a panorama stitch option with your cell phone. This fun feature allows you to take several shots and stitch them together. With practice, you will be able to showcase most of your office and avoid a lot of the equipment. You can also use a wide angle lens. Most people find that using a 16mm to 24mm lens to get a great wide shot of your interior. If you go wider than that, distortion can occur. Check out the photography on the WayFair blog.



Eliminate Blurring


No matter how steady your hands are, you can still end up with a blurry picture. To help keep your images sharp, use a tripod. Additionally, pressing the shutter can cause your images to be blurry. If you want to ensure that your photos are crisp, use the timer on your camera. This will prevent the camera from shaking when you press the shutter. Look at how sharp these photos on are


Setting Up Your Area


Before you begin taking photos, you need to set up the area to showcase its best features. This means that you want the room neat, clean and organized. By tidying up, your photos will take on an editorial look and appear more manicured. If you want to create a certain feeling, you may want to bring in some additional accessories, rearrange the furniture in your space or remove some items from your office. Grab a stack of magazines and display them on a table, add a fancy laptop with an interesting lamp to the area to highlight the benefits of your office space.


Versatility is Important


When it comes to taking interior photographs, you need to be versatile and look beyond the viewfinder to create amazing photographs. Consider the size of your space, the furniture in the room and what feeling you are trying to evoke with your picture. After you have gotten everything in order, it is time to have fun while photographing your space. Snap some photos that include your staff or other quirky things that make your business unique to add interest to your photos.


Whether you want to photograph the fresh produce used in your restaurant, the stylish decor in your office or the large space of your interior, it is vital that you look beyond the camera and see what others will see.