Cool Photo Tricks for your Web Design & Performance


Cool Photo Tricks for your Web Design & Performance

Using Photos in Web and how to maximize performance & quality

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Increasing your websites overall web design quality and performance will ensure to impact user interaction on page. Creating a fast loading website that has a great web design is what the average web visitor is looking for. Providing visitors what they need will instantly bring great web satisfaction, thus, produce an overall positive web experience. Website photography is very popular in design. A company can look even more professional online by their web photo selection.

Ntw Designs, site: is a web design company that also does brand identity creation and custom web designs, discover below the 3 cool photo tricks you can do to improve your websites web design and performance.


Ntw Designs Award Winning Design Methods: Photo Web Design and Performance


CSS Design Hover Effects. CSS effects are super light and creative. A simple mouse hover event can do a great job for bringing a great design effect for the user to interact with. Some cool effects on hover include image resize, image reshape, image color change, and image focus.Image Compression. HD images look amazing on a website, but they also affect the web performance. If an image is very heavy, it should always be compressed. This way, you can fit many images onto your website.

jQuery Image Animations. The one page web design is the best way to integrate animations on a website and prevent it from looking small or crammed up. The one page web design has enough room to create amazing and magical web design effects. jQuery is a syntax used for creating lightweight animations. Aside from CSS, a web designer can also create animations using jQuery. jQuery provides a web designer much more possibility when it comes to creating anything they imagine. A quick example would be custom animations for Holiday specials. Its October now and Halloween is coming up. Some spooky images and a jQuery lighting animations upon hover would do just the trick to place your visitors in the mood!

Website photography is very important. As mentioned above, web performance is also very important as it affects a website in many ways. Use the three ways provided above to improve your websites overall performance and at the same time, add some cool tricks to your web photography.