How to Run a Successful Photography Business


How to Run a Successful Photography Business

You are good at photography if you can beautiful photographs. However, it does not necessarily make you profitable. Until you start making money with your photographs, it is still only a hobby. Some people choose to begin their photography career by shooting in outdoor locations. Others prefer to have a small studio to set them apart from amateurs. The latter gives you a professional environment to work and helps you keep your professional and personal life separate. If you decide to set up a studio, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Pick the Right Location

Right location matters. One of the cardinal rules of doing business is finding the right location. Where your studio is located is more important than how big it is. Along with your work, your potential clients will judge you on the basis of where your studio is located. The area your studio is located will also determine the type of clients you have. Hence, remember that it is better to have a small studio in an upscale part of town than a large, lavish one in a shady part of a town.

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

Taking and developing photographs is only part of running a successful photography business. You must also be able to market your studio, make and manage appointments, handle clients, follow through on inquiries and orders etc. Doing everything yourself will put you under unnecessary stress and not allow you to focus on your talents. Hence, learn to delegate. If you don’t want a big team, consider investing in a photography CRM system. This will take care of making contracts for you, setting up sessions, invoicing, tracking leads and proposals etc.

Keep Your Studio Clutter-Free

It is tempting to put up every photograph you’ve taken but don’t do this. Having too many photographs framed on the walls can reduce the impact. It is always better to have one or two stunning photograph rather than a group of mediocre photos. Ideally, a wall should not have more than a single frame no matter how long it is. Keep your studio clean and clutter free. Don’t worry about having too many props. All you need is nice, clean walls, a comfortable chair or sofa for portraits and good lights. This makes your clients feel more comfortable in the space and diminishes drama.

Do Not Display Low-Profit Products

Selling a photography session is not all you can do with a studio. To maximize your profits you should also look at selling products such as canvas prints of your photographs. If you want to sell a product it must be displayed on your studio walls. However, be careful about the sizes being displayed. Smaller frames have a lower price point but also a smaller margin. Hence, these don’t necessarily need to be displayed. Instead, use the space to showcase larger prints that have a higher profit margin. Also, do not offer your clients too many choices in terms of frames, canvas type etc. This can confuse them and harm your sales. Instead, let your framed photographs act as samples. This simplifies the process for you and your clients.

Maintain a Client Database

A large part of your time will be spent marketing your products and services. Mass advertising is not always the best way to push your services. Social media can help but often isn’t enough. Hence, you will need to market directly to people who you feel might need your services. How do you find these people – by maintaining a client database. A large part of your business will come from clients who have had a good experience working with you. Hence, it is important to build a good relationship with each of your clients.

Stay Away From Giving Constant Discounts

Discounts and low prices help attract new clients but shouldn’t always be given. Remember that clients who base their decisions only on prices aren’t looking for quality and will not probably invest in products with a high-profit margin. Thus, while your calendar may be full, you may not make as much money. Cheap pricing also affects your brand value. After all, would you pay full price for a product if you knew it would be available at a discount in a few days? Lastly, the price game is a dangerous game to play. There will always be someone who offers lower prices and increasing prices is much more difficult than reducing them.

Follow these proven tips and take your business to the next level.