“Reddish” – 100 photos, 100 photographers contest in a crowd funding platform


“Reddish” – 100 photos, 100 photographers

“Reddish” competition – 100 photos, 100 photographers contest in a crowd funding platform

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Have you ever think about publishing your photos? Send us your best shots. If they’re good enough, we’ll publish them in a share book.

About this project

There are many good photographers around the world whose photos never have a chance to be presented to the public. The most they may have is some pages on the Internet.

Ways you can participate:

There are two main ways you can participate in this project:
As a supporter:

● You can support the campaign and pledge to buy the postal card or the electronic version of the book. If you do any of these things, we’d be extremely grateful.

● If you know any photographer who might be interested in participating in this project, please let him/her know.

● Last, but not the least, is to spread the word via social media or just word of mouth – it would be massively appreciated!

What do I get as a top 100 photographer?

We will assign two full sheets (8.5×11″ each) of the book to all 100 selected photographers. Generally, your portrait and autobiography will get published on one page, and your selected photo on the other page, just like the this sample. The design of each page might be a little different, based on the size of your autobiography and design concerns.


What is the photo’s specification?

We highly recommend that you send your picture in 8.5 x 11 ratio (portrait or landscape). A high resolution photo is mandatory. Smaller dimension images should have at least a 2000 pixel resolution. All photos should be in JPEG format.

Participate and read all bout it here