Vera Rubin, female astronomer, dies at 88

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Vera Rubin
Vera Rubin was an American astronomer who pioneered work on galaxy rotation rates. She uncovered the discrepancy between the predicted angular motion of galaxies and the observed motion, by studying galactic rotation curves.


^BTHIS IMAGE MAY NOT BE USED TO STATE OR IMPLY THE ^BENDORSEMENT BY AIP OF ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE^BVera Rubin^b,^B ^bAmerican astronomer (born 1928). Her studies of the motion of galaxies and the stars and gas within them have constantly challenged accepted theories. Her doctoral work, completed in 1954, showed that galaxies are unevenly distributed within the Universe, going against contemporary cosmological theories. In the 1970s, her research at the Carnegie Institute of Washington, USA, into spiral galaxies led to the proposal of dark matter, the unknown substance now believed to constitute over 90% of the Universe.